Brand eins magazine covers

Shower after reading?

If you are able to read and understand German and are interested in topics beyond the usual business and leadership news, than you might consider this magazine: brand eins is, as somebody very close to me once said:

brand eins is the only business magazine that doesn’t make me want to shower for hours after reading it.

Or in the German original:

brand eins ist das einzige Business Magazin, nach dessen Lektüre ich nicht das Bedürfniss verspüre stundenlang zu duschen.

And what can I say – I am a fan. They write about topics that do concern us all and are usually still relevant after months or even years. I enjoyed reading old issues from two, three years back, because I did not feel like they were outdated. Realising that, I ordered my digital subscription for which they ask a very modest fee. And to make it even better, I had a very positive experience with their customer service as I experienced trouble with my digital device (they solved it). But enough of praise and advertisement for my new favourite magazine – what I wanted to ask you:

Is there something similar available in the English speaking world?

Image source: brandeins

What do you think?