Black is the only suit you really need

A man really needs only one suit at a time in his whole life: a black one. If you consider yourself a bit more the type who doesn’t want to show up at a wedding in the same suit he wore at the last funeral, you might want to have two suits. If you even consider yourself being of the type that likes to wear shoes not only in black but also in brown, the world of suits has just opened widely.

There is the blue one, the dark brown one, the grey one and the one in pinstripes. Variation comes with colour and cut. Have at least one with a jacket having two or three buttons for the more official occasions and a casual one with only one button for the good times at the bar. Don’t mix this with the dinner jacket from a smoking – this one with only one button is for black-tie events past 6pm and rather festive. Make sure the jacket is not too long, that looked (maybe) good back in 1980. And don’t go for any American cut, be brave and try Europe. If your figure is at least a little bit dashing, you will look marvellous in a European suit. But be aware, that Europe does have more than one style: The classic British style up north suits a gentleman of any age but compliments a certain kind of experience. The Milano styles down south in Italy are more suitable for the modern dandy walking on the sunny side of life. But nuances aside, as long as you chose a suit that truly suits you, you are fine either way.

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. (Arthur Ashe)

Keep in mind that one suit never fits more than one man. A suit has to be fitted and just because some of the worlds greatest designers seem to think that we are all more or less one of a kind, that does not have to be true. So, save the bucks you want to spend on a top notch designer suit and put it towards a carefully fitted suit from the tailor of your choice. And if you can’t or would not want to put that kind of money towards a suit – here comes your lucky day: There is a big difference between a suit, that is completely made individual for you from the scratch and made-to-measure-suites. Go for the first one, if money is nothing for you but an unlimited source.  Go for the second one, get the same quality and something almost as individual if that is slightly less the case. A tailor offering made-to-measure suites usually gives you a limited choice but will fit the result in a way that makes the suit just suiting you.

Image source: Flickr, Chris Chapman

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